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What is Hard Water is?

Water is the universal solvent. This means it absorbs a little of almost everything it makes contact with. Unfortunately, this results in several issues that can be detrimental to your home and your health.

The minerals contained in hard water settle out as a deposit of hardness scale, wherever the water is heated or when cold standing water evaporates.

1. Water hardness creates soap curd, which interferes with the ability of your cleaning products and causes problems such as bathtub ring.

2. Hard water also causes scaling in your water heater and can clog pipes, fixtures and all water using appliances.

It is important to note that everyone’s water supply can be different.

Contact us today to find out what kind of water you have at your home.

We offer a free consultation, watch how we test your water, and learn more about how to invest into your well-being.

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